What’s Your 365 Like?

You want to know the truth; my reality and your reality may be two different things but the one common thing that we all share is the days we are given and remember, how we spend these days is up to us.

What Makes Us Alike

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Let’s dive deep into what every day looks like here at Ha-Shem. We deal with users from different aspects of life; these are people who understand things from a different perspective based on their field of work. The common factor is that we all want to be understood — we are just wired that way. As humans, we are bound to meet disasters, accidents, and emergencies at work which nobody hopes for but it happens anyway. If there is any comfort we like to give to our customers, it is that we don’t deny the likelihood that these events would happen, but we can help them find a way to avoid them before they happen. When they do happen, we still want them to know that we understand them (yes, we really do; and no, we don’t mean the usual courteous “I understand what you are going through”), and that we will get through the issue together.

Hands up if you can relate to trying to be the hero of the day for the people that you serve or partner with. Hands and legs up if you can relate to still trying to be the hero of the day even when your customers don’t believe that your major aim is to help them even while trying to sustain your business.

Bringing Value

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Sometimes, I think the word “value” is overused. Who are the major culprits? Well, we don’t exclude ourselves from the equation. As much as it depends on you my friends, try to complement the word “value” with “help” and see how the course of your conversation changes. Start with “how can I help to bring value to the way you work?”. There are phrases people like to hear from us; examples are “guide you”“put you through”, and “resolve this for you”; and they can go a long way. Talking about going a long way, let’s move to my next point.

Going the Extra Mile

extra mile

Integrity and diligence are two virtues that are hard to find these days. Can people find in us a dependable partner to work with? Do they know that even when we don’t know the answers to their questions, we go the extra mile to find a solution for them? Can we get them to trust that we will always do the right thing when no one (including them) is watching? Well, we do our best to let them know this is our mission; however, our actions speak way louder than words as we all know.

In summary, my 365 life is not an easy one, and I don’t doubt that yours is too, however in all that we do, we should use the days we are given as an opportunity to give it our best even when no one is watching, make the people around us feel understood, and remember this: the relationship that lasts the longest is the one that is built on the foundation of trust.

This is my 365, what does yours look like? Let us know in the comments.

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