Managing Incidents and Eliminating Barriers to Employee Support Services

An on-the-go process to streamline ticket submission without constraint from internal service providers.

Managing Incidents and Eliminating Barriers to Employee Support Services

Employees today work in a hybrid work environment and have had to adapt to a life that embraces what was usually uncommon as a new way of life. Now, employees can work from everywhere with administrative work, leveraging on cloud services for communications, data storage, and collaborative work experience.

Employees would, therefore, need an on-the-go process to streamline ticket submission without constraint from their internal service providers. With SolarWinds Service Desk, employees can now experience a seamless collaboration from one service provider to the other, making no requirement for different incident management solutions for different departments. Tickets can easily be submitted and managed and via email, phone calls, a service portal, mobile app, or even in person.

Now if you find yourself asking, how do you use Service Desk as a tool to better improve how your employees are supported? There are benefits that would help you come to see Service Desk as the ideal solution, namely:

1.     Automate IT management across your company

When it comes to meeting employee service demands, Service Desk can help organizations to be more efficient and effective, giving service support teams automated rules to simply eliminate tasks, route tickets to the right people and resolve incidents more quickly. SolarWinds service desk has an automated incident tracking software that makes provisions for businesses to be more productive and efficient.

2.     Adapt to ITIL Best Practices Through Incident Management Software

Having to adapt to ITIL best practices varies across organizations seeing that it is a framework. It becomes the premise for both requesters and agents to match incidents and impacted assets with relevant solutions articles. Employees needs can be visualized, full incident lifecycle with keeping ITIL best practices as top of mind.

3.     Boost IT Incident Management, reducing resolution time with AI

Time is of essence; hence SolarWinds Service Desk leverages artificial intelligence to boost productivity and efficiency. Incident resolution can now be accelerated as the right solution for a ticket can not only be anticipated but also recommended.

More on how SolarWinds Service Desk manages incidents and eliminates barriers to employee support services can be discovered by using the link below to request a trial, and have a firsthand experience on how it works.


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