Evolving with SolarWinds

We are super excited about our big win!

SolarWinds EMEA Virtual Partner Summit 2022

Your number one leading partner in Nigeria for everything IT was recently nominated by SolarWinds at the EMEA SolarWinds® Partner Awards 2022 in the category of “EMEA Excellence in Enablement”. This nomination means a whole lot to us and is a source of motivation for us to keep offering the best solutions to our dear customers to help you get the best value for your IT investments, while ensuring that our engineers and salespeople are well-versed, and certified.

SolarWinds EMEA Virtual Partner Summit 2022

The SolarWinds EMEA Virtual Partner Summit was an insightful session where we were able to discuss what’s new and trending in the IT Industry and how SolarWinds is making a shift to adjust to current business and IT needs.

We also have some exciting news concerning SolarWinds products and some big changes you will be seeing in due course.

SolarWinds is evolving from Monitoring to Observability!

What does this mean?

SolarWinds Monitoring tools are reactive, they do an awesome job to convey what is happening within your IT environment but with Observability capabilities, you get deeper visibilities and insights to why something is happening within your network ecosystem. The impact this will play on your business is that you now have a proactive system that will seek, detect, and remediate issues even before they come up.

The world is evolving into hybrid-cloud and SolarWinds Observability feature will provide a Multi-Cloud Observability as-a-service platform ecosystem to act as a super tool for pro-active remediation of issues in your IT environment.

This update is quite huge for every SolarWinds product user, and it shows the commitment of SolarWinds to grow with the times and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the IT Industry.

As a partner of SolarWinds, Ha-Shem Limited is grateful to the SolarWinds team and our dear customers for the opportunity to be part of this major shift, and we hope to keep thriving to help businesses in their journey towards digital transformation.

So once again, we say a big thank you to the SolarWinds Team for the nomination, and congrats to all the partners that were awarded winners in the various categories.

Thank you to our highly esteemed customers for the opportunity to serve and meet your IT needs.

We are excited to do much more together this year 2022, and we look forward to greater feats. 

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