A Whole New World: Windows 11 for the Hybrid Era

The world was a whole lot different a little more than 6 years ago when Windows 10 was released, fast forward to today, and we are left with finding a new way to adapt to working from anywhere, and with a dire need for access to tools that keep pace with people’s needs.

Windows 11 became available on October 5th, 2021 and it comes at a time when the PC is more relevant to our lives than ever before.

We all have business goals to achieve and customers to engage, and over the past year, technology has been more critical to resilience than ever before. ‚ÄčThe global pandemic accelerated digital transformation in ways never before imagined, and what everyone needs now is the tool that will drive such transformation with the forward gear.

Windows 11 licensing

We also have realised that working smarter trumps working harder (is this argument still on? ;)). If you are for getting the job done efficiently with a light, fresh, modern interaction model PC, yet so familiar, so natural and unobstructive, then Windows 11 was made just for you.

SMART is the keyword when it comes to Windows 11. You ask, what about hybrid? You’re right; but it has to be smart before it becomes optimized for a hybrid workstyle.

Now, let’s move on to answering those pestering questions on your mind.

Is Windows 11 Free?

The free access to Windows 11 began rolling out as an upgrade to eligible Windows 10 PCs on the release date, and will be phased and measured with a focus on quality. The free upgrade offer does not have a specific end date for eligible systems; however, Microsoft reserves the right to eventually end support for the free offer. This end date will be no sooner than one year from general availability. You will be getting the same Windows 11 edition as the Windows 10 you are currently on.

What Does Windows 11 Look Like?

The new design and sounds are modern, fresh, clean and beautiful, bringing you a sense of calm and ease. Windows 11 is the most secure and productive version of Windows, and is designed for hybrid work. It is optimized for speed, efficiency and improved experiences with touch, digital pen and voice input. One highlight that everyone will notice right away is the position of the Start button which is now at the center. For more details on how Windows 11 looks like, check here: Windows 11: A new era for the PC begins today | Windows Experience Blog.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

You can check the system requirements for Windows 11 here: Windows 11 Specs and System Requirements | Microsoft. One thing to note though is your device must be running Windows 10, version 2004 or later, to upgrade. Simply get access to the free updates through Windows Update in Settings > Update and Security.

Is Windows 11 Available?

Windows 11 was made generally available on October 5, 2021; businesses can also get Windows 11 today in Azure Virtual Desktop. You can also get access to it in Windows 365.

How Much Does Windows 11 Cost?

The cost for Windows 11 is not yet known, but pricing will be made available from the 1st of November, 2021.

What Editions Are Available?

For businesses, we have the familiar Pro and Enterprise editions. The Home edition still remains for individuals who already are used to Windows 10 Home.

In another four years, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10, and the majority of businesses will have made the decision to make the move. Though we think there’s never been a better time to get on the Windows 11 hybrid train, some businesses still need time to make the necessary preparations and get all the requirements, so whenever your organization is ready, Ha-Shem is always an email away – marketing@ha-shem.com.

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